Rastelli Direct Review Take 2

Welcome to my second review of the Rastelli Direct opportunity. It is not often that I write a second review for a company that I am not affiliated with. Ok, it has never happened until now. So why did Rastelli rate a second look? First of all, I got an opportunity to sample the actual product. Secondly, I have gotten to know some field leaders and they are an impressive group. And third, marketing and training systems for Rastelli Direct have taken significant strides in the last six months. Before I delve into each of these areas, let me briefly describe the company for those who haven’t read the first article I did on this company.

Rastelli Direct is the direct marketing arm of the 35 year old Rastelli Foods Group. Rastelli Direct itself is only a little over a year old, as of this writing. The company specializes in delivering over 175 5-Star quality meats, seafood, and other chef-created food items directly to its customers’ doors all over the United States. Rastelli Direct also provides an opportunity for people like you and I to earn a significant residual income by showing others how they can “Earn While You Eat”. The compensation plan offers over 5 different ways to be paid, including up-front right now money, fast start bonuses, and long-term residual income. So to recap, its Individual Business Partners (IBP) can earn a handsome income for sharing the opportunity with others while enjoying 5-Star restaurant quality food in their homes.

Now it’s one thing to read about 5-star quality food, and another thing to actually experience some. I was recently able to sample a nice variety of Rastelli’s meats and seafood. I was able to try Scottish salmon portions, some all natural Poulet Rouge chicken breasts, Black Angus Beef Filet Mignon, Pureland Prime pork Chops, and my favorite, chicken sausage stuffed With Feta cheese and spinach. Any questions I had about the freshness and quality of meats being shipped to door my have been firmly put to rest. All of the meats were frozen with no sign of thawing. Now, I’m no connoisseur, but I know good food when I eat it. I can honestly say these were some of the best meats that I have ever tasted. Even the packaging is attractive. And I also thought the portion sizes were appropriate; finely cut and substantial but lean. Whoever termed Rastelli Direct as a “delicious opportunity” certainly were not exaggerating. I was very impressed with everything I tasted.

I have also been very impressed with the quality and caliber of the people involved with the Rastelli opportunity. The founder Ray Rastelli started with just a small meat market some 35 years ago and, along with his brother Tony, have built the Rastelli Group from the ground up into a multi-national, multi-million dollar business. To manage Rastelli Direct they brought in impressive leaders like Rich Gauger and Royce Reed. Rich serves as the General Manager. Royce is an Executive VP of sales who has experience building several successful network marketing businesses and thus understands the distributor’s perspective. I’m also deeply impressed with the field leadership. I mentioned Brian and Felicia White in my previous article. They continue to add exceptional value and leadership to the network marketing community as a whole, as well as their Rastelli Group. I’ve also gotten to know Mike Grady, who introduced me to Simple2Profit (more about that later). Mike is a very accomplished marketer, trainer and business coach. If you check out the compensation plan video on the Rastelli Direct home page, you will encounter Andrew Hillman. Andrew is very knowledgeable about all things Rastelli and excels in teaching people how to be successful building a Rastelli Direct business. I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know up and coming leaders like Rosemary Sommers and Audrey Daniels. One common thread that I noticed about these Rastelli leaders is that they are not pushy. They don’t try to shove their business down your throat. They just “share” the information with you and let you come to your own conclusions. Another common thread is that they are all absolutely crushing it and enjoying a high level of success marketing this product and opportunity.

Now speaking of marketing, in my last article about Rastelli Direct I alluded to marketing and training as being an area of weakness. I talked about the importance of hooking up with the right upline leadership. As far as that goes, you can’t go wrong with any of the people mentioned above. I also talked about the importance of third party marketing systems to help bring in a constant flow of leads. Enter the aforementioned Simple2Profit. Simple2Profit is billed as an automated sales machine, complete with customizable lead-capture pages and a customizable automated follow-up system. Just a few months ago, Vincent Webb and the Simple2Profit team built a complete marketing funnel within Simple2Profit for Rastelli Direct. Included with the lead-capture pages and autoresponder series are personalized presentations of the Rastelli Direct opportunity that directs prospects straight to the Rastelli Direct enrollment page. In short, Simple2Profit expertly presents the Rastelli Direct opportunity for you and automates the process of capturing prospects and following up with them until they buy from you.

So as you can see, in the last few months since I wrote the first article Rastelli Direct continues to impress and improve. It has also attracted some of the top marketers on the planet to within its ranks. This is a company that I plan to continue to watch. It markets consumable products that everybody needs and it offers those products at very competitive prices. The products are every bit as good as advertised, it not better, in my opinion. It also provides an excellent vehicle for the average Joe to achieve financial independence. And finally I believe that all of the pieces are in place to make it easier for the average person to succeed.